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The Indian Army on campaign 1900-1939

Waziristan 1917

Beginning in March 1917, a large Mahsud lashkar was raised and began raiding into India and attacking convoys bound for Wana. Several punitive operations were launched which eventually brought the Mahsuds to terms. Peace would last however, only until the winter of 1919-20.

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Miranshah 1917

A Mahsud village burns 1917

A downed RFC airplane. South Waziristan 1917.

“Group of boys - Dera Ghazi Khan”

Field Exercises.

A Gurkha MP with his Kukri.

Prisoners taken at Rakhni by Coke’s Rifles (55th Rifles, Frontier Force)

A Punjabi Brass Band - Miranshah (possibly 25th Punjabis)

Mahsud Prisoners at Tank.