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The Indian Army on campaign 1900-1939

Mohmand Blockade 1916-17

The Mohmand Blockade began in late September 1916 and continued on into July 1917. The Blockade was made up of a series of blockhouses and barbed wire defences manned by men of the British and Indian Armies along the British border of Mohmand territory. The Blockade began in response to excessive Mohmand raiding of the Peshawar settled district. The most important engagement occurred on 15th November where at the Third Affair of Hafiz Kor.. The Blockade was lifted in July 1917 when the Mohmands finally submitted to British terms.

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‘Live wire’ on the Mohmand Blockade Line c.1917

The Mohmand Blockade

The 81st Pioneers on the Mohmand Blockade

The 2/4 Border Regiment constructing the Mohmand Blockade line.

Mohmand Territory

No.12 Blockhouse on the Mohmand Blockade

The Mohmand Blockade - note the armoured car.

Men on the 2/4 Border Regt. In No.15 Blockhouse