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The Indian Army on campaign 1900-1939

Watercolours by Major A.C.Lovett c.1911

The following water colours by Major A.C.Lovett were first published in 'Armies of India' of 1911. They depict the many full dress and field service dress uniforms of the Indian Army during the years leading up to the Great War. Never again would the pressures of economy allow for such variety, colour, and distinctiveness.

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31st Mountain Battery

30th Punjabis & 20th DCO Infantry (Brownlow’s) Punjabis)

Pioneer Regiments - Madras, Bombay, Sikh, and Hazara

Rajput Regiments (13th, 7th D.C.O., 16th, 8th, 11th, 2nd Q.O. Rajputs)

Frontier Force (59th Rifles, 54th Sikhs, 56th Rifles)

125th Napier’s Rifles

Subadar-Major (2nd KEO Gurkha Rifles)

Risaldar (11th KEO Lancers [Probyn’s Horse])

Malikden Khel Afridi, 40th Pathans

Punjabi Musalman, 82nd Punjabis

British Officers - 5th Cavalry, 23th Cavalry FF, 17th Cavalry, 26th KGO Light Cavalry,11th KEO Lancers (Probyn’s Horse), Daffadar 4th Cavalry, Jemadar 16th Cavalry.

33rd QVO Light Cavalry, 34th PAVO Poona Horse,

32nd Lancers

37th Baluch Horse, 36th Jacob’s Horse,

35th Scinde Horse

25th Cavalry (Frontier Force)

27th Light Cavalry  & 26th KGO Light Cavalry

19th Punjabis - Afridi, Jat Sikh, Pathan, Pathan of Upper Swat Valley (out of uniform), Yusufzai, Punjabi Musalman

24th Punjabis - Afridi & Jat Sikh (Subadar)

Punjabi Regiments - 24th Punjabis, 67th Punjabis,29th Punjabis, 21st Punjabis, 25th Punjabis, 28th Punjabis, 93rd Burma Infantry, 74th Punjabis, 87th Punjabis, 76th Punjabis, 69th Punjabis, 84th Punjabis, 72nd Punjabis, 91st Punjabis.