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The Indian Army on campaign 1900-1939

Indian Army Officers

The following photographs depict Indian Officers, also known as VCOs, and Indians with regular commissions, also known as KCOs, in the Indian Army during and after the Great War.

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Hon. Capt. Sub.-Major Muhd Ismail

Sardar Bahadur, OBI, IOM.

39th (Maymyo) Mountain Battery

Subadar Kifayat Ullah, IDSM

32nd (Poonch) Mountain BatteryIDSM

Subadar Gird Ali

106th Hazara Pioneers

Khan Bahadur Sher Jang

Survey of India

‘Subadar Nigam’

Regiment Unknown

Subadar Indar Singh

76th Punjabis

August 17th 1919

“Sgt’s Mess: Indian Officers Jemedars who came with advance party of Hodson’s Horse a crack Indian Cavalry Lancer Regiment which took over our camp”

12th Cavalry - Ressaidar Kishun Singh, Rissaldar Gonda Singh, Jemadar Labh Singh, Unknown