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The Indian Army on campaign 1900-1939

Indian Army British Officers

The following photographs are of Indian Army British Officers, including Regular Officers, temporary IARO/AIRO Officers, and the Indian Defence Force, later Auxiliary Force, India. They are from either private collections or published material that may not be commonly available.

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British Officers of the Punjab Frontier Force 1908

Back Row

Ogilvie (Guides), Scott (59th Rifles), Carwithen (RA), R.Dane (21st Cavalry), Prendergast (Guides)

Fourth Row

Anderson (59th Rifles), Milward (53rd Sikhs), Galbraith (55th Rifles & Khyber Rifles), Milne (55th Rifles), Gunning (21st Cavalry), Gordon (57th Rifles), Gray (57th Rifles), Allen (25th Cavalry), Smart (21st Cavalry), Pepys (57th Rifles), Leeds (59th Rifles), Burn (59th Rifles), McCaskill (Guides), Forbes (57th Rifles & Khyber Rifles), Trail (57th Rifles)

Third Row

Hawdon (21st Cavalry), Morris (Guides), Rainsford-Hanny (53rd Sikhs), Ismay (21st Cavalry), Carey (Guides), Murray (59th Rifles), Lee (59th Rifles), Broun (53rd Sikhs & Khyber Rifles), Houston (55th Rifles), Codrington (Guides), Andrews (55th Rifles), Barwell (57th Rifles), Ferguson-Davie (53rd Sikhs), Robertson-Glasgow (RA)

Second Row (sitting)

C.Davies (53rd Sikhs), F.Davies (Guides), Carruthers (59th), Anderson (RA), Unwin (21st Cavalry), E.M. Sir Arthur Barrett (5th Gurkhas), Nicholls (55th Rifles), Money (RA), Buchanan (54th Sikhs), Fane (21st Cavalry)

Front Row (on ground)

Sparling (57th Rifles), Shirley (54th Sikhs), Sandeman (Guides), Bruce (53rd Sikhs), Tomes (53rd Sikhs), Lancaster (25th Cavalry), Dyke (21st Cavalry), Mackie (54th Sikhs), Leith-Ross (55th Rifles), Macartney (53rd Sikhs)

*From "The Piffer" November 1958 Vol.IV No.3

Indian Cavalry Depot, France c.1914/15

(CJ Trevelyan Collection)

United Provinces Light Horse, Lucknow 1907

Lieutenant E.W.Oliver

(C.J.Trevelyan Collection)

29th Punjabis in East Africa c.1914-15

(L to R) Maj.H.T.Skinner DSO, 29th Pjbis, Lieut.N.L.Mitchell-Carruthers, 30th Pjbis attd., And Maj.C.W.J.Smith DSO 29th Pjbis.

(C.J.Trevelyan Collection)

Lt. JP Trousdell IARO & Lt. JH Harrold IARO, attd. 12th Cavalry

(C.J.Trevelyan Collection)

Major W. Hesketh DSO & Major T.N.Watson M.C., 12th Cavalry

(C.J.Trevelyan Collection)

Major E.A.H.Fell, 12th Cavalry

(C.J.Trevelyan Collection)

Major W.Hesketh D.S.O., 12th Cavalry

(C.J.Trevelyan Collection)

Major E.A.H. Fell, Lt C.C. Wilson IARO, Captain R.W. Manderson, Captain J.W. Davidson, Major T.N. Watson M.C. - 12th Cavalry

(C.J.Trevelyan Collection)

Lt.Col.H.W.Grace M.C., Probyn’s Horse

(C.J.Trevelyan Collection)

Un-identified Officer - 17th Infantry (The Loyal Regiment) after the Great War c.1922-23

(C.J.Trevelyan Collection)