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The Indian Army on campaign 1900-1939

Indian Expeditionary Force ‘D’

Indian Expeditionary Force ‘D’ was sent to the Persian Gulf at the outbreak of the Great War to secure the Abadan Oil Refinery which was vital to the Royal Navy’s war effort.  When the Ottoman Empire declared war on November 14th , 1914, the predominantly Indian IEF ‘D’ quickly defeated Turkish-Arab troops in several actions,  tempting the conquest of Baghdad. The British-Indian force was however stopped at the Battle of Ctespihon in Nov, 1915 just before the legendary city, and was in turn besieged in Kut before eventually surrendering on April 29th 1916. Re-organized and re-equipped, Bagdad would fall to the British Indian force in February 1917, followed by much of the rest of Mesopotamia by war’s end.

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Battle of Ctesiphion Nov.1915 - Bringing in the Wounded.

Captured Turkish Trenches near Kut-al-Amara c.1916

An Indian Army Officer writing home outside Sheikh Saad 1916

Turkish Prisoners 1916

Indian Cavalry in Mesopotamia

HMS Sedgefly on the Tigris

The ill-fated HMS Greenfly

A Bridge over the Euphrates