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The Indian Army on campaign 1900-1939

British Army in Postcards

The following postcards of officers and men of the British Army were taken in India, Egypt, or Iraq during and after the Great War. While not Indian Army, no account of the military history of India could be complete without some reference to the British Army in India, which fought side by side the Indian Army during the Great War, in Burma, and on the NW Frontier. If you have any additional information, corrections, or details about the officers and men pictured here, please do contact us.

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2nd Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment in India c.1923-24. Note Military Crosses and Mons Stars being worn.

1/5th The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) Baghdad c.1917

(From Left to Right)

Embarkation Staff, Bombay, 27th October 1917 - Battery Sergeant Major RGA - “A pair of Welshmen in our Regiment “ India c.WWI

Royal Engineer Swim Team, India (or possibly Egypt)

Two photos of the same Sergeant, Duke of Wellington’s Regiment (probably 1st Battalion) - January 1919

(From Left to Right)

Unknown, possibly 2 brothers, probably Egypt, a Lance Corporal, 15th/19th Hussars in Cairo c.1924-25, unknown sitter with 2 good conduct stripes.

British NCOs in India, c.Great War or 1920s

Unknown British Regiment - N.W.Frontier of India c. mid-late 1920s

(From Left to Right)

An Old Contemptable Sergeant with a Rifle Regiment probably in Egypt, wearing ribbons of the 1911 Coronation (or Delhi Durbar 1911)  LSGC Medals - Sergeant F.Knapton, 2/13th London Regiment Egypt c.1917-16 - An unknown Sergeant probably in India.