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The Indian Army on campaign 1900-1939

12 Cavalry in Mesopotamia 1916-1918

This collection of photographs depicts the 12th Cavalry on campaign in Mesopotamia between 1915 or early 1916 and 1918. The partial album possibly belonged to Lt.Col.W.Hesketh though this is not certain. The 12th Cavalry arrived in Mesopotamia in December 1915, and initially served on the Euphrates River in and around Nasiriyah as well as duties around Qurna and Butaniya. Eventually, the 12th Cavalry was attached to the III Corps on the Tigris in 1917, and took part inthe Second and Third Actions of Jabal Hamrin, October-December 1917. The Regiment then proceeded north into Kurdistan by the end of the Great War. The photographs depict several British and Indian Officers, as well as scenes on the Euphrates, Tigris and Diala Rivers, the Jabal Hamrin, and Tuz. They also show the officers of the 12th Cavalry at rest, where time was found to play polo, go pigsticking, and even have a few picnics.

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12th Cavallry Horse Parade

On the Euphrates River

12th Cavalry patrol in Field Service Order

Swimming the Euphrates

Major E.A.H.Fell, 12th Cavalry

British & Indian Officers of the Right Wing, 12th Cavalry

12th Cavalry Camp

Ressaidar Kishun Singh, Rissaldar Gonda Singh, Jemadar Labh Singh,  Unknown

Ressaidar Kishun Singh, 12th Cavalry

‘My Orderly Jai Singh on my horse’

12th Cavalry - Pig sticking party

12th Cavalry - A shooting party

12th Cavalry - A polo match

12th Cavalry- A picnic

River transport up the Tigris River

12th Cavalry - Going up the Tigris

12th Cavalry - Writing order for mounted action

12th Cavalry- Major EAH Fell - Lt CC Wilson IARO - Captain RW Manderson - Captain JW Davidson - Major TN Watson MC

(L) Lt. JP Trousdell IARO & Lt. JH Harrold IARO, and (R)  Major W Hesketh DSO & Major TN Watson MC

12th Cavalry -Major W  Hesketh DSO

12th Cavalry - A halfway halt in Mesopotamia

12th Cavalry - A halfway halt in Mesopotamia 2

12th Cavalry - Camel Sowars

12th Cavalry - 1/2 Sqn. Camp in Jabal Hamrin

12th Cavalry - ‘A’ Squadron watering in the Diyala River

12th Cavalry - The Diyala River

12th Cavalry - Entering Tuz


Tuz - another view.