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The Indian Army on campaign 1900-1939

1/6 Rajputana Rifles (Wellesley’s) c.1936

The following images exemplify Indian Army Infantry Uniforms during the mid-1930's. Each one may be selected to view in greater detail. They are all from History of the 1st Battalion 6th Rajputana Rifles (Wellesley's) by Lt.Col.F.H.James, O.B.E., M.C.

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Indian Army British Officers: Captain Cuerden in Field Service Order, Lieutenant Inwood in Review Order, Lieutenant Brack in Drill Order.

Viceroy’s Comissioned Officers: Jemadar Feroz Khan (Punjabi Musalman) in Field Service Order, Subadar Ganesha Ram Bahadur, O.B.I., I.D.S.M. (Jat) in Review Order and Subedar Mul Singh (Rajput) in Drill Order.

Indian Other Ranks: Punjabi Musalman in Field Service Order, Rajput in Drill Order, Jat in Drill Order, shirt sleeves and Jat in Field Service Order.