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The Indian Army on campaign 1900-1939

Lt.General Sir Percy Lake, KCB, KCMG

From the Preston Grammar School Association Website:

Lake, Lieut-General Sir Percy Henry Noel KCB, KCMG. Born 29th June 1855.

        PGS April 1865 (possibly 1st April) to December 1867. 1st to 5th Forms. His father’s rank at that time was Captain. Home address Walton-le-Dale. Son of Lt-Col F G Lake, stationed at Fulwood Barracks. Sub-Lieutenant 59th Foot (2nd Nottinghamshire) in 1873. Afghan War 1878-1879; Sudan Expedition 1885. Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General and Quartermaster-General, Egypt 1885. Staff Captain Army HQ 1887-1888. Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General (Intelligence), Army Headquarters 1888-1889. Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General, Dublin District, Ireland 1892-1893. Quartermaster-General Canadian Militia 1893-1898. Assistant Quartermaster-General Army HQ 1899-1904. Chief Staff Officer, 2nd Army Corps. 1904-1905. Chief of the General Staff of the Canadian Militia 1905-1908. Inspector General of the Canadian Militia 1908-1910. Promoted Lieutenant-General 19th March 1911. Divisional Commander India 1911-1912. Colonel of the East Lancashire Regiment 21st February 1913. (For the non-military readers, Colonel of a Regiment is an honour, not a rank.) Chief of General Staff, India, H9-1915, 1912-1915. C-in-C Mesopotamia, H1-1916. Commander, Mesopotamian Force 1916. Died in Victoria, British Columbia, towards the end of 1940, aged 85 years,

Lt.General Sir Percy Lake's Grave - Royal Oak Burial Park - Saanich B.C. - Jan 4th 2013.

Sir Percy Lake Grave.JPG

A wider view, Lake's is the raised stone just to the right of the bench.

Another view.

Sir Percy Lake -Home.JPG

Lake's home during retirement - 1004 Terrace Ave. in Victoria - Jan 4th 2013