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The Indian Army on campaign 1900-1939

2/4 Border Regiment in India 1916-1919

The 2/4 Border Regiment served in India and Afghanistan from early 1915 to 1919. From March 1916 the battalion was stationed in and around Peshawar, and then took part in the Mohmand Blockade from February to May 1917. The 2/4 Border Regiment later took part in the Third Afghan War of 1919 before it faced disbandment in 1920. The photographer is unknown, though he was probably part of ‘B’ Company given the number of featured ‘B’ Company photos.

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Guard Room , Gharial, Murree Hills

6 Platoon, ‘B’ Company, 2/4 Border Regiment

‘Cosy Corner’, Gharial

‘B’ Company

‘Native’ barber (left) and Bhisti or water-carrier (right)

Funeral of Drummer Park (d. 30th May 1916)

‘Tiff Time’, Nowshera YMCA

The mail tonga, Gherat.

Other Ranks of the 2/4 Border Regiment in India (un-identified)

Bullock Transport

Battery Sergeant-Major Harry Lamming, c.1925

Mohmand Country

Digging the Mohmand Blockade Line

The Mohmand Blockade Line

‘Live Wire’ on the Mohmand Blockade Line

No.12 Blockhouse, Mohmand Blockade

Picket on the heights

No.15 Blockhouse, Mohmand Blockade

Mohmand Blockade Line - note the armoured car.

Camp Wallai - ‘B’ Coy. lines

Brigade Camp, Wallai

Lewis Gun team

Machine-Gun practice

Attock Bridge over Kabul River

Captured Afghan Guns  - 1919

Captured Afghan Machine-Gun  - 1919

Captured Afghan Field Guns -  Third Afghan War 1919